Xevi Aranda joins the company as Director of Entertainment and will be part of the area of Global Content led by Amaya Muruzábal.

Dopamine is taking a step forward and announces a new business unit focused on non-scripted content for the international market. After three years of its foundation, with fiction highlights such as Hernán, Amarres, Tu parte del Trato, Búnker, Supertitlán, Close to me, Dopamine undertakes a new field of expertise.

“Being as we are a established content studio, we also want to develop and produce entertainment from Mexico to the world, making use of the staff’s previous experience, and of the commercial opportunities brought to us. And as it happens with fiction, we are prepared and open to any business modality, which is an advantage for everybody. We have worked greatly in order to take this step, and undoubtedly, now is the right time for us”, says Fidela Navarro, CEO.

Xevi Aranda is the Director of Dopamine Entertainment. Two new staff members have already joined the new unit from Mexico and Spain: Sebastián Reyes and Begoña Marín, respectively.

Amaya Muruzábal, Director of Global Content, adds: “His incorporation to the company reinvigorates the hope with which we have always taken our brand’s content. Xevi is one of the most consolidated executives of the industry, a successful creator and producer, with a visionary leadership to create format shows and translate them abroad. Begoña, on her behalf, is one of the most surprising and welcoming directors of Spain, with a special touch that goes beyond the screen.”

“Both Xevi and Begoña were a successful team for years, they worked as the producer and director for the international hit Levántate, adapted in 9 countries (Spain, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Argentina and Lithuania), with the spin-off All Stars in Telecinco. This amazing team is joined by Sebastián Reyes from Colombia, and his great formats knowledge, in order to produce a solid Entertainment R+D, capable to create, as we always say in Dopamine, from Mexico (and now, also from Spain) to the world.”

Xevi Aranda started his career in the audiovisual world 30 years ago. He has been director of content of entertainment for established studios such as Grupo Zeta, Big Bang Media, La Competencia and Señor Mono; the executive producer of entertainment for Unicorn, and on the international arena, Xevi has worked for Televisa, Canal RCN and América TV.

Xevi started his career in Spain as an entertainment scriptwriter, for programs as varied as Crónicas Marcianas, El bus, Gran Hermano or El programa de Ana Rosa, by different studios such as Gestmusic, Zeppelin and Cuarzo.

Later on, Xevi became a director and a production executive. Xevi Aranda has adapted international formats such as Secret Millionaire, Wife Swap, A minute to win it, Pequeños Gigantes, Four weddings, Fantastic duo, Facing the Classroom, and he has also co-created formats such as Mi familia baila mejor, De la vida al plato, Levántate, Levántate all stars, and Los Gipsy Kings.