The platform’s original series completely dominated the podium in Parrot Analytics’ ranking of the most demanded digital series in the country, a trend that is repeated in several countries in the region.

In a trend that seems to be expanding to all Latin American countries, Disney+’s original series managed this week to conquer audiences in Chile as well.

Analyzing the demand for digital series in the first week of August, Parrot Analytics found that the platform’s original productions placed in the top three positions of the Top 10.

Thus, Loki, the last MCU series to premiere on Disney+, ranked first with 14.31 times more demand than the average series, followed by The Mandalorian (13.77x) and WandaVision (12x), both from Disney+, in second and third place, respectively.

Disney completes its positions on the list with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in eighth place with 6.19 times more demand.

Netflix, on the other hand, achieved only three appearances in the Chilean ranking, taking fourth place with Stranger Things (10.56x), ninth with Cobra Kai (5.9x) and Atypical last (5.72x).

Amazon Prime Video, meanwhile, got two appearances on the list thanks to Invincible (sixth, 7.22x) and The Boys (seventh, 6.34x); while Hulu completed the ranking with The Handmaid’s Tale in fifth place (7.8x).

The big trend on the general series side is anime series, with My Hero Academia in first place with 17.9 times more demand than the average series. Also standing out are Attack on Titan in sixth place (12.6x) and Jujutsu Kaisen in ninth (12.1x).

The Disney + series also occupy several places in the overall ranking, with Loki in third, The Mandalorian in fifth and WandaVision in 10th.

The rest of the ranking is completed by Game of Thrones in second place (15.3x), Rick and Morty in fourth (14.1x), Grey’s Anatomy in seventh (12.5x), and Peppa Pig in eighth (12.0x).