The series, produced by La Corriente del Golfo, marks Searchlight Television’s third project for Hulu Originals.

Hulu has ordered the production of La máquina (The Machine) series with showrunner Marco Ramirez (Daredevil) at the helm.

The series will be directed by Gabriel Ripstein, produced by Gerardo Gatica, Leandro Halperin and Adam Fishbach, and starred by Gael García Bernal (Y tu mamá también, Coco) and Diego Luna (Y tu mamá también, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Pan y Circo, Andor), who will also produce, through their company La Corriente del Golfo.

Searchlight Television will be the studio for this Spanish-language series, which will air on Disney’s DTC platforms in the US as a Hulu Original.

La Maquina follows the story of a boxer in the twilight of his career (Gael García Bernal) whose resourceful promoter (Diego Luna) gets him one last shot at a title. However, to get to that fight they must navigate against the designs of a powerful and dark organization.

“We are very proud to partner again with Searchlight Television for this new Hulu Original. Gael, Diego and Marco are great storytellers and we can’t wait to bring their creation to the public,” said Craig Erwich, President of Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment.

“It is a true honor to reunite Gael and Diego on screen with La Maquina; It’s wonderful to enjoy the friendship and chemistry between them,” said Searchlight presidents Matthew Greenfield and David Greenbaum. “And we’re thrilled to be working with Marco, whose unique voice and vision allow us to explore this world in a very original way.”

Paula Amor, general director of La Corriente del Golfo, shared: “We are very excited about La Maquina, it represents the most relevant project for the company so far and also, having Searchlight and Hulu as partners is invaluable.”

For his part, Kyzza Terrazas, director of development for La Corriente del Golfo and executive producer of the series, said: “We have been dreaming of finding a way for this project for many years and we are happy that it is becoming a reality.”