The Kitchen showed up in force at Cannes, looking to meet face to face with current and potential clients, to generate the close relationships that are a key ingredient of how the company likes to operate

Answer every call, get to know your clients. Those are two very important elements in The Kitchen’s playbook, a dubbing company that is now present in 14 countries and participated in Miptv 2023 with a good number of executives.

“Miptv and Mipcom are the two most important shows that our company as a whole goes every year”, explains Deeny Kaplan, EVP of The Kitchen, to ttv. “Now that we are in 14 countries we bring all our people with us. The managing directors from all the studios typically come and we bring our sales people, who meet with clients from all over the world and with with potential partners in other languages that we are not working directly right now.”

The approach works to generate new business opportunities, but also to cultivate a closer bond with the current clients.

“This business, like any business if you want success, is all about relationships and one of the things that sets The Kitchen apart is our old-fashioned way of thinking where is about relationships”, says Kaplan.

“If you want me, you can call me; you don’t have to email me or text me, I’ll answer the phone. And thats kind of our work ethic; we are there for our clients,” she continues.

With presence all over the world, there is challengues to this approach, but Kaplan affirms that they are something you need to overcome: “Bbecause we are internationally and we have clients in Asia, Europe and LA, we have to deal with different time zones and we have to make sure we answer their requests, because if you don’t, you can lose out.”

“This is the broadcast industry, you need to pay attention, because something could change right now and you have to be available,” she says. “I think as a dubbing company that is now in some many countries, thats truly our forte.”