The VP of Production and Content of the Colombian giant spoke with ttvnews about the new installment of Pedro el Escamoso, produced together with Disney+, in addition to their recent successes and future projects.

*By ttvnews, from Miami, USA

This year began as one of a lot of work and great news for Caracol Televisión, which since mid-2023 has made several announcements of important productions for Colombia and the international market.

More recently, the channel embarked on the production of Pedro el Escamoso alongside Disney+, marking the return of the iconic, globally recognized character.

“The return 25 years after Pedro el Escamoso is a series that makes us very happy,” Dago García, VP of Production and Content at Caracol Televisión, began in dialogue with ttvnews.

“We have already finished the production process, we are at this moment with everything that has to do with post-production. And I truly believe that this second part is going to honor that character that is so iconic for us,” he added.

Yesterday, the companies announced that Carlos Torres is joining the sequel in the role of Pedro’s son, who is played by Miguel Varoni.

“That couple is a super winning couple,” said the executive. “It will be a great product and what better than to accompany it with Disney.”

Written by Felipe Salamanca, executive produced by Juan Carlos Villamizar and Dago García, the same team that was in charge of the original story, and directed by Juan Carlos Vásquez, Andrés Marroquín and Juan Carlos Villamizar, the new installment of Pedro El Escamoso narrates Pedro’s return to Colombia. After living twenty years abroad, the protagonist of the story returns to his homeland to find a completely different reality from the one he left behind when he was forced to seek new horizons. To his surprise, he discovers that his son has become a successful and prosperous professional, forcing him to invent a series of stories with the aim of hiding what has been a life of sacrifices and deprivation and earning the respect and admiration of Pedro Junior.

Pedro joins other successes from Caracol, which closed a 2023 of great premieres such as the The Voice format and the second season of Canto Para No Llorar, Arelys Henao.

“The first season was very successful and it is repeating that success now,” the executive said. The second installment of Arelys Henao premiered with 39.1% share and 7.1 rating points on Caracol TV.

“And we are preparing another couple of products, also producing the second season of La primera vez for Netflix. We are in a year of a lot of work that I think will be just as positive as the last ones for the channel,” he added.