The associate manager of Tondero Distribución highlighted the excellent numbers that the company’s titles achieved as Peruvian cinemas reopened their doors.

The return of the public to Peruvian cinemas was partly motivated by the quality of Tondero Distribución’s feature film catalogue, which is behind titles such as Soltera, casada, viuda, divorciada, the biggest success since the reopening of theaters in Peru in August 2021.

“Single, married, widowed and divorced, will reach one million viewers, which is a figure that has not been seen since before the pandemic,” said Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, associate manager of Tondero Distribution, interviewed by ttvnews during this edition of the LA Screenings Independents, at the Fairmont Century Plaza hotel.

“We are very happy, because this is a large part of our business,” said the executive.

In addition to distribution, another part of the Tondero equation is production: “We started the year with several productions. A pair of originals for two different platforms. With projects that we have just brought to the market and one of them has already found a home and will soon be announced”, explained Gómez de la Torre.

In addition, Tondero will begin producing the fourth installment of Locos de amor in Puerto Rico, called Locos de amor, mi primer amor.