The successful Colombian series, Sobreviviendo a Escobar, Alias JJ, will premiere on RTL’s Videoland platform.

The successful international series Sobreviviendo a Escobar, Alias JJ is now available to the Dutch audience, through the Videoland platform (RTL Nederland), thanks to an agreement between Caracol Televisión and Rooftop Film & TV.

Jesús Iriepar, Sales Executive of Caracol Televisión, highlighted: “A new country surrenders to the cult series Sobreviviendo a Escobar, Alias JJ, the great production of international success, and a palpable example of the most agile narrative, a rigorous putting on stage and the perfect dose of action and drama that characterize the great fictional titles of Caracol Televisión”.

Based on the book Surviving Pablo Escobar, this is a series that tells how John Jairo Velasquez Vásquez, Alias JJ, right-hand man of Pablo Escobar and last living member of the Medellín Cartel, manages to survive his time in prison, after surrendering to the authorities.

His life will completely change with the death of Escobar, being forced to face his old enemies behind bars. Everything will work against him and his only salvation will be his ability to cope in a world full of traps and dangers.

Filmed in 4k, with cinema optics and 100% outdoors, this shocking story features the performances of Juan Pablo Urrego, in the role of the boss of the drug lord, Nicole Santamaría, Natasha Klaus, Elkin Díaz, Toto Vega, Ramsés Ramos and the participation of the Colombian diva, Amparo Grisales, who will play the skilled lawyer Mónica Machado, defender of Escobar’s trusted man.