The companies are presenting the new telenovela Leylifer to the international market.

Caracol Television, a Hispanic market leader in the production and distribution of premium content for the world, and Inter Medya, the top Turkish producer and distributor announced their coproduction deal this week, introducing the drama series Leylifer, produced by Alim Yapım, to the international market.

Shot in İstanbul, Leylifer tells the story of Meryem, a young Colombian girl living in Spain. Her life takes a turn when she and her Turkish husband, Kemal, travel to Istanbul for a few days to attend her sister-in-law’s wedding. However, Kemal suddenly disappears without a word to anybody. The wedding is postponed, and Kemal is later found dead in a burned car with a woman. Believing Kemal was murdered, Meryem swears never to return to Spain until she finds the killer.

Alone in Istanbul, among the people who once rejected her for being a foreigner, she meets Aziz, the famous designer of the Leylifer ring she wears on her hand. It is the work of destiny. Their paths cross, and they will live an unexpected love.

Lisette Osorio, Caracol Television’s VP of International Business, emphasized: “Leylifer is the staging of two powers in narrative quality: Colombia and Turkey. The production expertise that both of our companies have contributed has resulted in a premium series we know will generate great appetite in the international market.”

Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya, remarked: “We are thrilled to renew our collaboration with Caracol TV, as our enduring partnership reaches new heights. With Leylifer, we embark on a remarkable journey that celebrates the creative fusion of Colombia and Turkey. This extraordinary endeavor marks only the beginning of our shared vision, as we look forward to a future brimming with captivating co-production projects. Embark on an extraordinary journey with Leylifer, an enchanting production that mesmerizes audiences worldwide with its compelling narrative, international appeal, and profound impact.”.

Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and Head of Sales and Acquisitions, stated: “We are thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Caracol TV, a collaboration that has stood the test of time. With great excitement, we embark on a remarkable journey together, bringing to life the captivating story, Leylifer. This project not only showcases the creative synergy between Colombia and Turkey but also serves as a testament to our shared commitment to delivering exceptional content. Leylifer’s transcendent narrative, weaving resilience, love, and a quest for justice, will take audiences on an emotional rollercoaster across borders. As we delve into this compelling storytelling, we are confident that Leylifer is just the beginning of a long-lasting co-production relationship, with many exciting projects on the horizon. Get ready to be captivated by Leylifer’s international appeal and its ability to leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.“

Kadir Doğulu, co-founder of Alim Yapım added: “As Alim Yapım, I can say that we are experiencing double joy with Leylifer. Great care was taken in both the script and the filming process to keep the audience engaged for 120 episodes. I am proud to be a part of this series as both a producer and an actor, and I believe it will serve as a beautiful bridge between two cultures.”

The show stars the Cuban-American actress Camila Duarte, who shares the stage with an outstanding cast of Turkish actors with wide-ranging international experience, including Can Verel and Pervin Balcı.