The Turkish drama will premiere on Serially on December 6 under the local title Noi Dopo di Noi.

Deeply (İlk ve Son) from Calinos Entertainment’s phenomenal catalogue will have its premiere on Serially in Italy on December 6th.

Starring Ozge Ozpirincci (Woman) & Salih Bademci (The Club & Tailor); “Deeply” is a dystopic love story of Deniz & Baris; consisting from 8 episodes.

Deniz (Ozge Özpirincci) and Baris (Salih Bademci), a couple whose unbridled love spans over ten years. Their relationship started as youngsters in their mid-20s and evolved through a decade of sunny and stormy times.

Written by acclaimed Turkish screenplay writer Hakan Bonomo; the first Blu TV Original’s drama has hit the Turkish audience with its real-life dialogues and acting performances when it was initially screened.

Deeply will meet with Italian audience as Noi Dopo di Noi on December 6 at Serially.