Caracol Televisión and the Bulgarian channel Nova announced the start of production of the second season of El Desafío / Nomads, the local adaptation of the Colombian entertainment format.

Caracol Televisión and Bulgarian channel Nova began production of the second season of El Desafío / Nomads, the adaptation of Caracol’s entertainment format, El Desafío.

To face all the challenges of filming a show of this magnitude during this challenging period for the industry, a team of more than 130 production people, in the company of 24 participants, was examined to ensure optimal health, and completely isolated from the outside world. Similarly, access to the locations was restricted during the previous weeks and a team of more than 10 doctors will be responsible for ensuring the safety of this project.

This season, which will take place on the beaches of the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria, participants will experience an unprecedented adventure. Each week the competition will increase, as teams and entrants are eliminated. Only the best will reach the final and compete for a prize of 50 thousand euros!

Paloma García, International Sales Director for Europe and Africa commented: “We are very proud to announce a second season of our successful Nomads / Desafío format in Bulgaria with the leading channel Nova. This reinforces confidence in our creative team and in our format, that triumphs here as in other territories”.

El Desafío is a reality show that leads its participants to confront their physical and cultural limits. An adventure that has established itself in the world as one of the most attractive formats on the international market.