According to an exclusive UOL report, streaming platforms had a larger audience in May than traditional pay TV in Brazil. In addition, Netflix would have as many subs as all of pay TV.

According to a report by Ricardo Feltrin on the Brazilian portal UOL, based on exclusive data, the audience for streaming platforms surpassed that of traditional pay TV in Brazil in May.

According to the study, last month the general audience registered by streaming platforms (only seen on televisions, measured through the People Meter of Kantar Ibope Media)reached a 6.9 rating and a 14.6% share.

In the same geographical and time range (7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., in the 15 largest metropolitan regions of the country), the audience for pay TV channels was 6.7 points and a 14.1% share.

Even at an average of 24 hours a day, streaming also shows its strength: it tied at 5.7 points with pay TV, and had a share of 14.7%, one tenth more than its rival.

The rating points are equivalent to about 250,000 households.

The author of the article assures that although there is no isolated data for each streaming service, Netflix is the flagship of this consumption. According to his inquiries, the OTT may have already exceeded 15 million subscribers in Brazil.

That figure is almost tied with the sum of subscribers for all Brazilian pay TV services, which in May amounted to 15.32 million.