Anatel’s figures for the month of April indicate that pay TV operators are losing twice as many subscribers per month as a year ago.

Brazilian pay TV continues to see its subscriber base shrink from month to month.

According to April data published by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the sector lost more than 156,900 subscribers that month. Thus, pay TV as a whole closed the month with 14.15 million users.

With these figures, the drop during 2021 is around 170,000 monthly subscribers, more than double the average rate of loss recorded in 2020 (about 77,000 less per month). Specifically in April 2020, 55,000 customers unsubscribed from their service, almost a third of the number a year later.

The biggest drop in April 2021 was suffered by Sky, with 89,400 fewer subscribers, which closed the month with 4.19 million customers.

Claro, meanwhile, lost 79,000 subscribers (58,000 cable and 21,000 DTH), totaling 6.68 million pay TV subscribers (5.9 million cable and 779,600 DTH). And Vivo had a small drop of 12,000 subscribers, closing April at 1.21 million.

The only operator that increased its customer base in April was Oi: 13,150 more, to end with 1.73 million subscribers.