These platforms provide access to more than 139,000 movies and more than 32,000 series to local consumers

With 137 streaming platforms available to consumers, Brazil has the largest offer of audiovisual content in Latin America, according to an analysis carried out by BB Media, DEG International and BASE.

According to the report, 56 of the 137 streaming platforms offered originate from Brazil.

SVOD continues to lead the country, with 71% penetration in households with Internet access, but ad-supported models are gaining more and more followers (68% penetration). More and more FAST channels and ASVOD offers are seen.

The report states that after the launch in early 2023 of platforms such as UFC Fight Pass, Canela Kids, LPF Play, EiTV Play and Bloomberg Original, local consumers have access to more than 139,000 movies and more than 32,000 series.

Of course, in terms of content, the majority comes from the US: US titles represent 11% of the total offered in Brazil. It is followed by content from India, the United Kingdom, France and, fifth, Brazil.

Regarding the supply of local original productions, Brazil currently has 161 titles, with Netflix offering the most, followed by Globoplay and Amazon Prime Video. Over the past year, at least 39 locally produced titles have been released, most of which were Netflix and Disney+ originals.

In particular, these four SVOD transmission platforms have the highest user penetration in Brazil. Netflix ranks first with 29%, followed by Amazon Prime Video (22%), Disney+ (12%) and, lastly, Globoplay (11%).

Regarding the genres of these Brazilian originals, the report highlights that documentary, comedy and drama predominate.

The numbers, meanwhile, show that streaming consumers in Brazil prefer comedy, adventure and science fiction.