Produced by Episode Productions for France 3, the new drama will be distributed internationally by Beta Film.

Beta Film doubles down on the French production market, picking up international distribution rights to the limited crime series Presumed Guilty.

Written by Franck Ollivier (Zodiaque, La vengeance aux yeux clairs) and directed by Grégory Ecale (Mongeville, Commissaire Magellan), the family saga is set at Brittany’s wild coastline, conveying the authentic mysterious look and feel of the thriller series.

Just recently Beta Film picked up French thriller series Island of Thirty Coffins, which is also set in Brittany.

The female-driven six-part series with French shooting star Garance Thenault (La Mante) in the leading role centers on Lola, who is invited for a job interview in an unfamiliar town in Brittany. But things go from odd to strange when she shows up for her interview and learns it was never scheduled. It gets more mysterious by the minute when Lola notices people keep staring at her. The answer is in the local papers: Exactly 22 years ago to the day, a woman named Manon was murdered here, leaving a terrible mark on the region.

Produced by Episode Productions for France 3, the cast of Presumed Guilty also includes Pierre-Yves Bon and Aurelie Vaneck, among others. Beta Film is handling international distribution.

Richard Berkowitz, Producer at Episode Productions: “Presumed Guilty’ is a suspenseful and riveting thriller miniseries. It follows Lola, an attractive yet lonely 25-year-old woman, on the hunt of her mother’s killer. Filmed along the magnificent coastline of Brittany, ‘Presumed Guilty’ is a stunning achievement in sharp directing and powerful acting. Opening as a gripping thriller, it unfolds as an intense murder mystery, to unravel as a compelling and emotional family drama, filled with passion, love and human soul. Lola’s journey will take the viewers deep into the seemingly perfect but actually shattered lives of an upscale family, and fiercely reveal its heart-wrenching, dark secret.”

Jérôme Vincendon, EVP International Sales & Acquisitions – French speaking Europe: “We are very pleased to be working for the first time with Episode Productions on Presumed Guilty. And more generally to work with the JLA group. We hope to make the series known internationally. We intend to intensify our cooperation with the French producers, who are doing a great job, in financing and distributing programs. We want to use our skills and our long time experience in International Distribution to support, expose and sale the French projects.”