Within hours of announcing Discop Miami, the CEO of Basic Lead gave ttvnews details about the new event that will take place from January 31 to February 2 at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach.

In the last 24 hours, two pieces of news were released that altered the panorama of what the beginning of 2023 will be like for the international fair market of the audiovisual community.

Right before the official cancellation of Natpe Bahamas, Basic Lead announced the launching of Discop Miami, a new event that will take place from January 31 to February 2nd at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, and for which the registration phase will open on November 14.

In dialogue with ttvnews, Patrick Jucaud-Zuchowicki, CEO of Basic Lead, gave some clues as to what the new market in Miami will be like, as well as the expectations generated by the novelty in the international audiovisual industry, and for which TTV Media Group has already announced that it will carry out an edition of its publication TTV, as well as a special coverage during the market.

How has the industry received Discop Miami 2023 so far?
The news has been received very positively. Everyone loves Miami Beach and the cancellation of Natpe Bahamas raised a lot of uncertainties regarding the early 2023 schedule.

What will the Discop Miami format be like?
The format of the event will be like any other Discop market: hotel-based, compact, meeting-focused, with the aim of uniting new creative and dynamic hubs from Africa, the Middle East and Asia; with the number one entertainment market in the world. We are not looking to replace Natpe Global; we are simply reviving an old plan to locate a market in Miami that was put on hold due to Covid.

On November 14, registration opens for participants. What expectations do you have about it?
Given the 100 days remaining, our ambition is to welcome 100+ global distributors, 200+ content producers, and 350+ co-production buyers and influencers.

Does Basic Lead intend to take the Natpe brand?
I cannot comment on what we will do with the Natpe brand. What I can say is that our main interest is Natpe Europe and bringing the old Discop Budapest back to the banks of the Danube in June.

A message for the industry?
At Discop we are trying to be as undisruptive as possible when it comes to the dates of our events. After 32 years of planning events, Discop Miami comes at the right time, with a series of new challenges, but also new opportunities at a time of change for the industry.