The audiovisual arm of FC Barcelona announced it has signed Albert Espinosa (Pulseras rojas) to create a fiction series based on La Masia, Barcelona’s residence and training academy.

Created more than a year ago, Barça Studios continues to grow, announcing the production of its first fiction series.

FC Barcelona announced it has signed Albert Espinisa (Pulseras rojas) to create a fiction series based on La Masia, the residence and training academy of Barcelona.

As detailed, the series will have seven episodes and will focus on the human emotions of young people fighting for a place in the club.

“The objective is not to recreate situations or real people from La Masia, but to be inspired to create fictional stories that are authentic,” the club said in a statement.

“It is a great illusion to be able to write this series about these guys who want to achieve their dream. I think it will be a very special series, since football fans and the general public do not know how interesting and hard their lives are to make their dreams come true and everything the club does for them,” said Espinosa.

The untitled series will thus join Matchday -Inside FC Barcelona, a documentary series released last year through Rakuten TV, the first production by Barça Studios.

“This new project consolidates the content catalog, opening it to previously unexplored terrain. Fiction series are nowadays a product highly valued by streaming platforms,” they stressed.

“The La Masia series is the first fiction series produced by Barça Studios, and the first in a wide range of new projects that we are preparing. We take a new step forward in our commitment to creating premium content, thus helping us to reach new audiences and also opening new avenues of income that will allow us to remain competitive and a benchmark both on and off the court,” said Dídac Lee, digital manager of Barça.