This Monday, Banijay confirmed Cathy Payne will lead the distribution of the entire Banijay and Endemol Shine catalog, which will act as one single company starting in September.

As was presumed after the appointment of Cathy Payne as CEO of Banijay Rights, Banijay confirmed on Monday that the experienced executive will be the one to lead the new and combined international portfolio of Banijay and Endemol Shine.

In addition, Payne will lead the integration process of both catalogs, which will be offered as one starting in September.

As detailed, the company is already working on a new corporate website and an integrated app that will be published in September.

“The ambition is for the two teams to be fully integrated by the fall. The process begins this month,“ they explained.

The new and combined catalog will have a total of 88,000 hours of content, with notable properties such as Survivor, MasterChef, Temptation Island, Mr Bean, Peaky Blinders and Big Brother, among others.

“Cathy is without doubt one of the industry’s strongest commercial champions and just what we need in the ‘new world’ of content. Consistently driving value and opportunity, she is the prime voice to have at the helm of the business as we start the combined roll-out and exploitation of all 88,000 hours of catalogue,” said Marco Bassetti, CEO of Banijay.

“In an increasingly integrated production and exploitation business environment, it is critical that we have all finished-tape efforts under a combined strategy. Banijay Rights has a tremendous offering for our clients and plenty of valuable opportunities for prospective brand partners worldwide,” Payne added.