The Turkish drama made its debut last Sunday, June 26, on Antena 3.

Antena 3 premiered this past weekend its most recent Turkish bet: For My Family, the successful Turkish drama, distributed by ATV.

The series made its debut on Sunday June 26 on the Atresmedia channel under the title Hermanos.

José Antonio Salso, Director of International Sales and Acquisitions at Atresmedia, said: “We at Atresmedia are excited about the premiere of For My Family on Antena 3. The series has been acclaimed by critics and the public in Turkey and other international markets, for so we are very excited to present this fascinating story. We hope to continue the same success we are having with other Turkish productions on our channels.”

Müge Akar, director of sales for Europe, Asia and Africa at ATV, added: “For My Family is a great success and knowing Atresmedia’s commitment to bringing premium dramas to Spain, I have no doubt that it will have magnificent results. We are also very excited about this premiere as it will be ATV Distribution’s first series on Antena 3”.

The drama tells the story of Kadir, Omer, Asiye, and Emel, four siblings who are orphaned after losing their mother and father on the same day under mysterious circumstances. After this painful loss and not having any relative to take care of them, they must leave their home and are forced to live in deep poverty.

Locally titled Kardeşlerim, the series premiered in February last year in Turkey and immediately became a hit with audiences, being sold to 30 countries. The second season is already confirmed.