Following a new premiere model for Atresmedia fictions, La valla will make its debut on January 19 on the Atresplayer Premium platform, and later reach Antena 3’s prime time.

Atresmedia announced La valla, one of the six original series set to launch in 2020, will premiere on January 19 on Atresplayer Premium, releasing one episode a week.

Following its launch on the streaming platform, the new series will premiere on Antena 3’s prime time “throughout 2020”.

This way, Atresmedia continues to explore new broadcasting models for its series, by combining pay and broadcast TV. El nudo was the first series to premiere exclusively on Atresplayer Premium and Veneno stands as the second one. Mentiras, meanwhile, will air both on the platform and on TV.

La valla is created by Daniel Ecija and is produced by Atresmedia in collaboration with Good Mood and Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio). It was 13 50-minute episodes.

The series stars Olivia Molina, Unax Ugalde, Ángela Molina, Abel Folk and Eleonora Wexler. The cast is completed with names such as Daniel Ibáñez, Belén Écija, Manu Fullola, Iván Chavero, Juan Blanco, Elena Seijo, Yaima Ramos, Nicolás Illoro, Laura Quiros, Ángela Vega, Pedro Beitia, Óscar de la Fuente or Cristina Soria.

Daniel Écija and Sonia Martínez are in charge of the executive production of La valla, while Inés Paris and David Molina are executive co-producers.

The script team is made up of Daniel Écija, Inés Paris, Clara Botas, Roberto Martín, Jorge Valdano, Veronik Silva, Ángela Armero, Tatiana Rodríguez, Arantxa Cuesta and David Muñoz.

David Molina, Oriol Ferrer, Luis Oliveros, Jesús Rodrigo and Lucas Gil are the directors. Nestor Calvo is the director of photography; Sonia Grande is in charge of costume design; and Salvador Gómez and Raquel Díaz are responsible for the production management.


The series is set in the near future. The increasing shortage of natural resources has turned Western democracies into dictatorial regimes. While life in rural areas becomes impossible, the capital has been divided into two tightly closed regions: Sector 1 (government and privileged) and Sector 2 (the rest). The only way to move from one area to another is to cross the fence that separates them, for which it will be a requirement to have the regulatory safe-conduct.

This is the starting point of a story that will take us to meet Julia, Hugo, Emilia … a family struggling to recover little Marta, in the hands of the government. A story of survival, of betrayals, of great secrets and in which a crime will persecute its protagonists.