Following the success of the Turkish version, the Spanish group acquired the adaptation rights to the drama’s original format from Nippon TV in Japan, to develop a new edition in Castilian Spanish.

Nippon TV, Japan’s multiplatform entertainment powerhouse, announced today that Atresmedia, one of Spain’s largest media groups with an international audience of over 73 million viewers, has acquired the scripted format rights to their award-winning drama series Mother (11 x 60’) and will be remaking the series in Castilian Spanish later this year.

Marking the eighth international deal for this megahit drama, the scripted format Mother has already been licensed to CJ E&M (South Korea), MF Yapim (Turkey), STB TV (Ukraine), JSL Global Media (Thailand), Radiant Pictures (China), GoPlay (Indonesia), and Incognita (France).

The announcement was made today by Ms. Mikiko Nishiyama, Managing Director of International Business Development for Nippon TV, and Ms. Mercedes Gamero, Director of Acquisitions & Sales of Atresmedia.

“Atresmedia is a powerful production company well known for the production of Money Heist, and we are extremely pleased to be announcing this new deal with them for our beloved series Mother,” commented Nishiyama. “The poignant drama, which revolves around the universal theme of family and what it ultimately means to be a mother, continues to resonate across borders and achieve ratings success. We have found great partners in Atresmedia and we cannot wait to see their version which is certain to be well-received by the drama-loving audiences in Spain.”

“At Atresmedia we are extremely thrilled to have joined forces with our great partner Nippon TV to bring the beloved series Mother into Spanish for our audience. They will now enjoy our local adaptation of a proven success series that will captivate them for sure,” commented Gamero.

The heroine of this drama is a woman in her mid-thirties who has apathetically lived her life without interest in romance, society or even her own life. Working as an elementary school teacher, she learns that one of her students is being abused at home. Although unable to comprehend her sudden impulse, she decides to kidnap the young, abused girl to bring up as her own. During her life on the run, she re-examines her past lifestyle and searches for her path in life. Pivotal to this drama is the word “maternal.”

The heroine, who had never awakened to her own maternal side, discovers this instinct deep within herself. This drama portrays how this unexpected discovery stirs the feelings of hesitation and conflict, which help her to mature as both a woman and as a person.