The drama will fill the slot vacated by other Turkish content, Infiel (A Woman Scorned)

Family Secrets, distributed internationally by Madd Entertainment, has been the Turkish drama chosen to occupy the prime time slot that will soon leave empty the ending of another Turkish drama, Infiel (A Woman Scorned),.

Madd has found local and international success for the production of Ay Yapim, released in 2021 -original title, Yargi– and still airing on Kanal D. The first season of the series is distributed internationally as 111 45-minute episodes.

“Directed by Ali Bilgin (Medcezir, Brave and Beautiful) from an original story by Sema Ergenekon (Black Money Love), Family Secrets takes Turkish drama in a bold new direction, says Madd Entertainment,” in a statement.

Family Secrets features Pınar Deniz (Wounded Love, Love 101) as Ceylin, a tough lawyer willing to break the rules in the service of justice. Kaan Urgancıoğlu (Endless Love, Love 101) plays Ilgaz, a no-nonsense prosecutor who does everything by the rules. The two mix like oil and water, but when Ilgaz’s brother is framed for murder, it is Ceylin he turns to for help.

The series has already been sold to more than twenty territories, including Puerto Rico, the United States, Spain, Chile, MENA, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Georgia.