Cassina will lead the area of the studio dedicated to foreign filming services

Anna Cassina, a professional with a long track record in successful international shoots such as the films The Bourne Ultimatum, Blade Runner 2049 and the series Black Mirror, among others, joins Secuoya Studios as Head of International Production Services. Anna, who has recently worked for Amazon Studios as supervisor of Originals productions in Spain, is now the head of foreign production services in the country. This division, which is key to the studios global expansion, has been bolstered to strengthen the provision of services for international feature films and film series, with a special focus on US and European production companies.

“Secuoya Studios has grown strongly over the past three years. The appointment of Anna Cassina to head up the International Production Services division is a welcome addition, given Secuoya Studios dominant presence in Madrid Content City, and its expanding operations in Colombia, Portugal and Mexico. Anna’s extensive experience working with global partners on high-profile projects is especially vital, as Hollywood increasingly turns its attention to Spain and other regions where Secuoya Studios is rapidly scaling up,” said James Costos, president of Secuoya Studios.

With a broad experience of 30 years in film, TV, advertising and documentaries, both in Spain and abroad, Anna Cassina is a highly regarded professional in the industry. Over the past four years, she held the executive role at Amazon Studios overseeing the production of original projects in Spain and Italy. It was within this role that she took on the challenge of making Amazon Originals into sustainable productions. Her work on the sustainability of production served as a model for the systematic implementation of lines of work that are increasingly committed to protecting the environment. With this track record she finally decided to join the Secuoya Studios team, taking on the management of production services for international projects. Some or all of the filming will be shot in Spain.

“This new challenge comes at a time of special excitement, in view of the opportunities offered by filming in Spain. This is the country that welcomed me more than 30 years ago and that continues to fascinate me. Throughout my career in the film industry in this country, I have witnessed the continuing growth of the sector. The calibre of professionals, creatives, media and services has reached truly exceptional and internationally recognised levels,” Cassina underlined. For the Italian expert, managing this division provides a unique opportunity to “motivate foreign producers to join forces to enjoy opportunities that go far beyond the hundreds of days of sunshine a year and the immense variety of the territory”.

Over the years, Anna has led teams in charge of numerous major international shoots in Spain, in addition to her outstanding supervision of high-profile Spanish projects abroad, in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal, among other countries. Some of her major productions include the first seasons of Reina Roja, Los Farad, Romancero, Sin Huellas, A Private Affair and Everybody Loves Diamonds. She has also worked in the series En el corredor de la muerte and Instinto, both for Movistar Plus+, and Nacido Rey, by Agustí Villaronga. In addition, she has been involved in major international hits such as the British series Black Mirror and the films Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denise Villeneuve, Ridley Scotts Exodus, The Bourne Ultimatum, directed by Paul Greengrass, and The World Is Never Enough from the James Bond saga, among many others.

“We already have the privilege of being in advanced talks with major producers from the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, advising on and exploring the possibility of filming in Spain in 2024. Leveraging our knowledge of Spain and other countries, we want to become true partners in international projects,” said Cassina, who is excited to work with the firms “top professionals” and to count on its wide range of high-level services and infrastructures.