The Colombian production company leaves Content Americas with several interesting things in its suitcase. Taking advantage of tax incentives, they hope to present viable business models for clients.

*By ttvnews, from Miami, USA

Focused on producing original content with themes they are passionate about, CMO Producciones faces 2024 with the expectation that 70% of the company’s revenues will come from original content and 30% from production services. Leveraging the tax incentives Colombia offers, they hope to open their possibilities to present viable business models for clients.

About this ttvnews spoke with Ana María Barreto, CEO of CMO Producciones, who pointed out that the company is a “boutique production company” in every sense. “Clara María Ochoa, who is its president and founder, is involved in the entire creative process, from the moment we come up with an idea and until we sit down to write it and develop it, produce it, and post-produce it,” she said.

CMO Producciones has been in the market for 25 years, specializing in film and series production for linear television platforms and channels.

Barreto commented that they recently finished shooting the second season of La Venganza de Analía for Caracol TV, a product that will later go to Netflix. “In its first season, it worked very well on the platform, and we hope the second season will not be the exception,” said the executive.

Focused on strengthening the production of original content, the CMO decided several years ago to create a unit called CMO Original Content. This unit is led by Ana Gutiérrez, who comes from Sony’s content development department.

“We have a creative committee where we invite creatives, depending on the project. We love to start with stories we are passionate about. This is a company where 70% of the revenue we expect comes from original content, and the remaining 30% is for production services. This is not to say that we are not willing to produce good and great projects, but we must also like it. It is a very difficult and competitive business, but we want to have a good time and do things we are passionate about,” said the company’s CEO.

Barreto said they have started 2024 on the right foot by attending Content Americas. “Today is the last day (of Content Americas), and I think we are going back to Colombia with several interesting things in our suitcase,” she concluded.