Amazon Unveils Trailer and Premiere Date for Spanish Series Missing

Mediaset Spain’s crime drama, produced by Plano a plano, will premiere as an Amazon Exclusive.

Amazon Prime Video launched the official trailer for Desaparecidos (Missing), and announced it will premiere on June 19.

Desaparecidos is one of the Mediaset Spain productions that have been released under the Amazon Exclusive label, the result of the agreement reached by both companies in February. The series will premiere on broadcast TV, on Telecinco, months later.

The police drama is a production by Mediaset Spain in collaboration with Plano a Plano and distributed by Mediterráneo.

It is directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas, Inma Torrente and Jacobo Martos, and starring Juan Echanove (Tell me how it happened), Elvira Mínguez (Everyone knows it) and Maxi Iglesias (Valeria).



The series tells the story of Sonia Ledesma (Michelle Calvo), a police inspector who joins Group 2 of the Disappeared of the Central Brigade, led by veteran chief inspector Santiago Abad (Juan Echanove).

Affected herself by the drama of the disappearance of a close loved one, she will find in her companions Rodrigo (Maxi Iglesias), Sebas (Chani Martín) and Azhar (Amanda Rios) a new family.

Together with them, and with the motto “we keep on searching”, they try to solve the most disparate cases, all of them carried out by people who one day swallowed the earth. To achieve this, they have the collaboration of Ayuda Desaparecidos, an NGO led by Carmen Fuentes (Elvira Mínguez). The relationship between Carmen and Group 2 goes beyond the professional, since Santiago was in charge of investigating the disappearance of her son years ago.