The new series titled Home Office, un especial de Mirreyes contra Godínez, will premiere on December 18.

Amazon Prime Video announced the release date of its new Amazon Exclusive, Home Office, un especial de Mirreyes contra Godínez.

The one-hour special will arrive on December 18, exclusively for service users in more than 200 countries.

The special is a Draco Films production directed by Chava Cartas and produced by Francisco González Compeán and Ruth Cherem Daniel. It is presented by Videocine.

Regina Blandón, Daniel Tovar, Diana Bovio, Christian Vázquez, Alejandro de Marino, Roberto Aguirre, Gloria Stalina, Michelle Rodríguez and Carlos Ballarta are back for this production.


All the employees of Zapaterías Kuri González loved the idea of working from home… in March. But after several months of confinement, Mirreyes and Godínez are making a constant effort to maintain their sanity.

The pandemic took a hold of everyone – and both Mirreyes and Godínez are having to learn to live in the confinement. But several months of “new normal” have not been enough for it to stop being new or become normal. The employees of Zapaterías Kuri González can no longer endure quarantine – and recovering a shipment of shoes stuck in customs will be more difficult than ever when the entire team is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.