The platform announced the exclusive premiere of Relatos con-fin-a-dos, a series of five standalone episodes shot remotely by five prestigious directors. It’s Morena Films’ second production shot in quarantine.

Amazon Prime Video is joining the quarantine shows trend, and will also release its own series filmed in confinement and without leaving home.

This Thursday, the platform announced that on July 3 it will exclusively premiere Relatos con-fin-a-dos, a Spanish series of five standalone episodes of between 15 and 20 minutes shot by five prestigious directors during confinement.

It is an initiative similar to that of HBO Spain with its series En casa, also made up of five episodes shot by five renowned directors.

However, in this new project the directors worked remotely giving directions to the actors who were filmed without leaving home, also doing the work of filmmakers, technicians, makeup artists, sound artists, etc.

The directors of Relatos con-fin-a-dos are Fernando Colomo, Álvaro Fernández Armero, Miguel Bardem, David Marqués and Juan Diego Botto, in their directorial debut in audiovisual fiction.

Relatos con-fin-a-dos is a production by Morena Films in collaboration with Gessas Producciones. Morena was one of the first companies to announce an original series set in the Covid-19 pandemic: Quarantine Diaries, for RTVE’s La 1, whose rights have already been sold in Mexico and France.

Amazon’s original series, an original idea by Álvaro Longoria and Cecilia Gessa, stars Álvaro Rico, Carlos Bardem, Luis Tosar, María Luisa Mayol, Nur Levy, Alberto Ammann, Clara Méndez-Leite, Manuela Velasco, Rafa Castejón, Chiqui Fernández, Sara Sálamo and Isco Alarcón in his acting debut.