With a premiere scheduled for 2022, it is an 8-episode dark comedy produced by Zeta Studios, which mixes humor, action, a diverse cast and the desert-beach contrast of Alicante.

Amazon Prime Video today announced its new Spanish original fiction, Sin Huellas. The series tells the misadventures of its two protagonists, two socially marginalized women who end up being suspected of a murder whose crime scene they just left like the jets of gold.

This dramedy will premiere exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world in 2022.

“Sin huellas is exactly what audiences need right now, it’s fun, action-packed, and features two amazing central characters,” said Georgia Brown, Head of European Amazon Originals, Amazon Studios. “We are very proud to collaborate with Zeta Studios on this title, which we know will love both our Spanish audience and the rest of the world.”

“We are especially excited to launch this project together with Amazon Prime Video. Sin Huellas is one of our most ambitious series, a hooligan thriller, full of black humor and action that was born with the vocation to seduce a global audience”, says Antonio Asensio, president of Zeta Studios.

“In Sin Huellas, the thriller merges with comedy and everyday life, offering an unexpected story with wonderful characters that will not leave anyone indifferent,” said María José Rodriguez, Head of Spanish Amazon Originals, Amazon Studios. “It is a different, fresh, hooligan bet and we are sure that it will hook all of our Prime members. We are excited to embark on this project with Zeta Studios. ”

The new Amazon Original series Sin Huellas will feature 8 40-minute episodes produced by Zeta Studios, with Eneko Gutiérrez as executive producer and Carlos de Pando and Sara Antuña as showrunners. The script is written by Carlos de Pando and Sara Antuña along with Gabi Ochoa (Love is not what it was, Tiquismiquis) and Héctor Beltrán (La Peluquería, El Acabose). This dramedy will feature Paco Caballero, Gema Ferraté, Samantha López Speranza and Koldo Serra as directors.


Desi and Cata, gypsy and Mexican, are cleaners. Well, they were. They have been fired overnight. Extremely overwhelmed and with just enough money to get through the month, they wait for a miracle that comes in the form of a call: they are commissioned to clean the mansion of the Roselló family, one of the most powerful families in Alicante. Everything is going well until they find the corpse of a woman. Horror. Panic. After the initial shock, Cata and Desi realize that they have cleaned up. No footprints. They are the perfect culprits, and that is why the police are after them. And also some Russian hitmen. And a family of millionaires. And an ex-husband with mariachis. Time to see how they manage to get out of that mess.

Image credit: bloguionistas.com