Amazon Prime Video announced the premiere for July 17 of the series El candidato, formerly known as CDMX and produced in Mexico with TAO.

Amazon Prime Video revealed in the last hours that it will premiere in Latin America the series El candidato on July 17.

Previously announced as CDMX, the series stars British actor James Purefoy, under the direction of Mexican director Jaime Reynoso.

Daniel Arizmendi, Joaquín Cosío, Roberto Sosa and Eréndira Ibarra, among others, make up the cast.

The series tells the story of a broken friendship between a CIA veteran and one of the most important drug traffickers of the moment.

“More than a spy show, the series is a drama of two civilizations collapsing. It is about how the most powerful country treats its neighbor. It is about how far people go for money, for hatred, for power and of course, for love. Everything happening in one of the most radiant cities in the world, Mexico City”, said Amazon Prime Video.

The series had been initially announced in 2018 as one of the first Amazon original productions in Mexico, made in co-production with Televisa Alternative Originals (TAO), with whom the platform had an agreement for various titles.

Since then it has received little promotion and reaches the platform almost on the sly.