The Sony Pictures Television production will be seen in Latin America through Amazon Prime Video from November 6.

Amazon Prime Video announced on Tuesday the acquisition for Latin America of De brutas, nada, dramedy produced and distributed by Sony Pictures Television, which will premiere on November 6.

It will subsequently air in the region on Sony Channel in 2021.

Inspired by the bestseller Los caballeros las prefieren brutas by Isabela Santodomingo (2006) and in the TV series of the same name (2010), the story revolves around Cristina (Tessa Ía) and Alejandro (Christian Vázquez).

Cristina cancels her wedding after finding her fiancé cheating on her. Accustomed to a life of luxury due to the financial stability of her partner, when separating, she must find a roommate to be able to pay the expenses, this is how she meets Alejandro (Christian Vázquez), who makes her believe that he is gay so that she accepts him in her Department.

After many entanglements and lies, Alejandro confesses the truth about his sexuality. Cristina angrily asks him to leave her life, however, there is a much bigger problem, the two are in love with each other.

The cast is made up of Tessa Ía (Cristina Ovedo), Christian Vázquez (Alejandro Montero), Carolina Ramírez (Hannah Larrea), Oswaldo Zárate (Miguel Sánchez), Marimar Vega (Esther Duarte), José Pablo Minor (Rodrigo Flores), Diana Bovio (Graciela Oviedo) and Julián Román (Guillermo Roble).

It was written by Rosa Clemente, Raúl Prieto, Connie Acosta, Andrea Ortega, Héctor Orbegoso and María Alejandra Escobar.