The Spanish adaptation of Turkish drama Fatmagül will premiere on Atresplayer Premium on March 28.

Alba, the new original series from Atresmedia TV, finally has a premiere date in Spain: next Sunday, March 28, on Atresplayer Premium. Then it will air on Antena 3.

The fiction is inspired by the worldwide success Fatmagül, although reduced to 13 episodes of 50 minutes in length.

It is produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Boomerang TV.

The cast of Alba is headed by Elena Rivera, who plays the protagonist of the story.

Along with her, a talented cast composed of Eric Masip, Álvaro Rico, Adriana Ozores, Pol Hermoso, Jason Fernández, Beatriz Segura, Miquel Fernández, Jorge Silvestre, Ana Wagner, Tito Valverde, Pepa Gracia, Caterina Mengs, Candela Cruz, Antonio Gil , Jordi Ballester, Luis Iglesia, Franky Martín or Mario Santos.

Montse García, Luis Santamaría and Pablo Guerrero are the executive producers of that fiction from the Series Atresmedia label. Lucía Alonso-Allende is an executive co-producer.

Alba is directed by Pablo Guerrero himself, Carlota Martínez-Pereda and Humberto Miró.

The scriptwriting team is made up of Irma Correa, Susana López, Javier Holgado and Carlos Vila, with Ignasi Rubio and Carlos Martin as script coordinators.

The photography direction will be in charge of Antonio González. The Art Director will be Koldo Vallés. Montse Sancho is the wardrobe manager and Andrelo Prado will be in charge of the music.