Aida Martirosyan, Haymillian: «Our clients are really looking for that turnkey option»

The Managing Director of the content localization company highlights a “busy year” as it started providing turnkey service, popular among its clients, that includes localization, post-production, and digital packaging.

Haymillian has been busy at work and happy to be able to reconnect with clients, face to face, after the pandemic. Growing around the world and with new services, particularly a turnkey option that offers dubbing, subtitling, video formatting and delivery, the company continues to grow to better cater to the needs of its clients.

Aida Martirosyan, Haymillian’s Managing Director shared with ttvnews the latest accomplishments of the company.

How has 2022 been for the company?

It has been a very busy year for Haymillian. In general I think that is the tendency for all the companies after the pandemic.

How valuable is the return of in person events?

For us it is very important to be in contact, to know the projects and the future plans of our clients, so that we understand how we can best cater to their needs. And also, to inform them of some of the new services that we have been providing this year.

Apart from expanding our studios in Latin America, and our presence in France this March, we have also started providing technical services; so from now on our clients can simply come to Haymillian and get their projects as a turnkey service, from dubbing, subtitles, all the way to video engineering, changing the format of their videos and delivering them directly to their destination.

Which of Haymillian’s services is the most sought-after?

Dubbing has seen most of the demand and we have lots of requests for Latin American Spanish dubbing, for Brazilian Portuguese dubbing, and also for the main European languages-French, Italian, German and Castilian Spanish, have been in high demand.

On the other side, we are seeing a big demand for subtitling when it comes to Nordic languages. Our clients are really looking for that turnkey option we have started to provide, because it is less headache for them, they have one point of contact.

Do you have any dubbing or subtitling projects you would like to highlight?

We are really proud of dubs and if I have to mention some of them, that would be the Japanese to Arabic dubbing of Naruto for a big client, such as TV Tokyo.

Another important project for us is Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish dubbing of Suspect, a new TV series that is going to come out from Fremantle Studios.

And also, animation projects which we are really keen on. We love working on children’s content, and Bimi Boo‘s Chinese dubbing is another example of such content that we worked on.

How much of the services utilized -or the client approach- is related to the territory the client wants to enter?

It does depend on the territory. For example, most of the clients know that in order to sell the content to Latin America they first need to dub it. But then there are other territories like France or Germany; where the clients know that because dubbing is very expensive, they first need to find the buyer and then dub it. There are also very rare languages that are very difficult for the common person to understand, so the producers that have content in these languages will say to us: “Let me dub the first episode so that my potential buyer can watch it and understand what my content is about and then, if there is a demand, I will continue the project”.