Five years after its first premiere, the Turkish drama made its way back to Chilean TV this Tuesday on Mega as the highest-rated series in its timeslot.

Chilean network Mega premiered the Turkish drama 1001 Nights again this week, which returned to Chilean TV five years after its original premiere.

And according to the network, the Turkish series was the leader of its timeslot with 12.9 rating and several peaks of 15.0 between 7:05pm and 8:10pm. In addition, the hashtag #LasMilYUnaNoches was a national trending topic.

At that same hour, Chilevision reached a 9.8 rating, 7.8 for Canal 13 and 7.3 for TVN.

1001 Nights was produced by TMC Film and aired originally on Kanal D in Turkey in 2006. It’s distributed by Global Agency.

Its premiere in 2014 was the starting point for the Turkish phenomenon in Latin American television.

Starring Halit Ergenc and Bergüzar Korel, it tells the story of Sherezade, a brillian architect who lost her husband in an accident and is left alone with their young son who suffers from luchemia.

She is offered a million dollars to spend a night with her boss, Onur, who ultimately falls in love with her and the business deal becomes more complicated.